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Park Ridge Executive Network

The Park Ridge Executive Network (PREN) is "one of a kind" in its scope and structure. Its non-compete members meet monthly to sharpen their networking skills, build relationships, and most importantly to share leads and referrals. Help your business grow by getting involved in this excellent avenue for new business. Additional groups are formed as the interest presents itself. So, come and join us one and all. There is always room for leads and referrals.

Welcome to the Park Ridge Executive Network (PREN). If you are looking to promote a political or religious position, PREN is not the right venue. However, you are welcome to participate in other Chamber activities and opportunities.

To see current members please select the PREN group below.


This original PREN group was established in 2008 and is not your ordinary networking group. You will be networking with top professionals and business owners whose focus is to grow their business through relationships and qualified referrals. We prioritize getting to know one another in a friendly environment full of laughs. Our group has on average between 150 to 300 referrals a year exchanged.  The PREN1 members represent a diverse range of industries and we are always looking to grow our network. If you have any questions about the group, please feel free to reach out to

D. Anne Gunia at or 773-420-9308.



The purpose of PREN 2 is the exchange of business-to-business referrals between Park Ridge business owners, as well as supporting the growth and development of the community and Park Ridge Chamber of Commerce.  PREN 2 members meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month.  For information about PREN 2 and joining the group, please email Griffin Daleiden at



PREN 3 is a dynamic community where building strong relationships and mutual business success go hand in hand with having a great time. Our members embrace collaboration and mentorship, and they believe that building lasting connections should be enjoyable. Join us for an exciting journey where we grow together, celebrate achievements, and make the path to success a truly enjoyable one. For information about joining PREN 3 contact Jocelyn McGovern at 773-294-9912 or



In addition to leads and referrals, PREN 4 emphasizes community involvement, and we discuss local issues and upcoming events in the area. Many of our members are associated with city boards and charitable organizations. If you are looking to make an impact in the community while promoting your business, then PREN 4 is a perfect fit for you! Our meetings are more relaxed than some of the other groups and usually include a few good laughs. No paperwork or formal presentations required in PREN 4. While we typically meet on the third Friday of every month at Beer on the Wall/Off The Wall at 8:30am, we occasionally have evening outings to support local members while having some fun! Contact Steve Judge by email at or at (847) 962-2833 for additional details.



Get in on the ground floor of this rising network group. In today's world, information is easily accessible, but people still need you to connect them with the service or product that is best for them personally. As you educate our other PREN 5 participants on your distinctive value, you'll learn about theirs as well. The more we know, the more value we can bring to those we come across resulting in, among other things, referrals. Let's grow our businesses together! Contact Sherry Watkins at or 773-458-0488.



PREN 6 is a newer chapter in the thriving Park Ridge Chamber, which brings together professionals from a variety of sectors. Our members include accomplished individuals in the legal field, specifically estate planning, digital marketing, real estate, banking, financial advisory, taxation, medical spa management, and acupuncture. At PREN 6, we're dedicated to fostering a dynamic environment where diverse industry leaders can engage in cross-sectoral referrals, collaboration, and innovation. Our goal is to cultivate a supportive community that encourages business growth, nurtures lasting professional relationships, and facilitates collaborative partnerships. Join us at PREN 6, where opportunities to expand your professional network and enhance your business reach are boundless. For information about joining PREN 6, contact Nick Schittino at


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