The Chamber Lunch at Truluck’s on Wednesday, August 15 was organized and implemented to perfection.  Everybody enjoyed Randy of Sandler Training and Gail is a terrific MC. So thank you for your great Chamber work!

Daryl Tarbutton - Nonna Silvia's
Park Ridge, IL

Today's MegaConnect was fantastic!! A lot positive energy in the room from local Chamber members and tons of new connections!!
Anne Scallon - Park Ridge Neighbors Magazine
Park Ridge, IL


Thank you for a wonderful evening this past Saturday night at Café la Cave for the Community Stars Event. It was a well-run, well-orchestrated, well-choreographed evening down to the smallest detail. The room was resplendent with people who most obviously understand the mission of the Park Ridge Chamber of Commerce. Tina and I thank you most sincerely for the honor of becoming one of your Community Stars.

Thomas D. Grusecki - Northern Builders, Inc.
Chicago, IL


My Park Ridge Chamber membership has been wonderful and well worth it! I LOVE being the go-to carpet cleaner for the members. I'm so grateful Gail gave me the extra push to join the Chamber. I was so hesitant before for some reason, but now I see it as an active way of participating in the community, not only from a business stand-point, but a relationship building tool as well. 

Pete Donovan - Omega Carpet Cleaning
Park Ridge, IL


The Park Ridge Chamber has been so incredible welcoming me into this city. They’ve encouraged and enabled me to network with other business owners and meet so many wonderful people within the community. I am so grateful for all of their support and encouragement as I continue to learn and grow while building my business here. Being a part of the Park Ridge Chamber has allowed me to feel much more connected to this amazing community, a community that tends to feel a lot like family. Thank you, Park Ridge Chamber! 

Dana Christ - Goldfish Swim School - Park Ridge
Park Ridge, IL


Park Ridge Chamber of Commerce is friendly, eager to help and awesome in every way. They truly care about their community and it shows in everything they do!

Jesse Davis - Uncle Dan's Park Ridge
Park Ridge, IL


The Park Ridge Chamber serves so many interests among its many members.  It is open to new ideas and is quick to connect with new trends in merchandising at all levels.  I always feel welcome in attending various programs and especially at all social events. Congratulations on your many well planned evens and recognition. Gail and staff are amazing!    

Betty Henneman - City of Park Ridge
Park Ridge, IL


First, it starts with the strong leadership at the top. Gail Haller’s passion for all thing Park Ridge Business is impeccable. She is a hands-on leader, approachable, and truly cares for the financial success of each of her members.

Secondly, the networking events are amazing. Business After Hours, for example, gives us business leaders in the community an opportunity to come together once a month and share ideas, best practices and leads and referrals.

Thirdly are the internal programs. I have been a member of PREN 1 from the get-go and have gotten plenty of solid business from the lead exchange program PREN 1 offers. Learning about other professions during the 10 minute presentation each month is another valuable method of staying in touch  with the local economy.

One would be hard pressed to find a better value for your membership dollar than The Park Ridge Chamber of Commerce.

Richard Pucci - Park Ridge Financial, Inc.
Park Ridge, IL


Gail Haller and her staff at the Park Ridge Chamber are essential to what makes Park Ridge a wonderful place to live and work. They promote and accentuate the best of the people of Park Ridge by reminding us every day that as members of a community we have a shared responsibility to each other to make our corner of the world a better place.

Dr. Ken Wallace - Maine Township 207
Park Ridge, IL

The Park Ridge Chamber has turned out to be outstanding. I have been in business for 46 years and joined the chamber early on. I never really heard too much and they did not seem to get involved with the businesses that much in my early years . Well, has that changed ! The Park Ridge Chamber cares about the businesses in Park Ridge and wants to help them strive. With the many networking opportunities and business meetings and discussion, besides being involved with all community events. I am a very happy member. Wish I had the time to be more involved. Hats off to Gail and her team.
Lynnette VanDien Bertolotti - Lynnette's School of Dance
Park Ridge, IL

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