Park Ridge Executive Network

The Park Ridge Executive Network (PREN) is "one of a kind" in its scope and structure. Its non-compete members meet monthly to sharpen their networking skills, build relationships, and most importantly to share leads and referrals. Help your business grow by getting involved in this excellent avenue for new business. Additional groups are formed as the interest presents itself. So, come and join us one and all. There is always room for leads and referrals.

To see current members please select the PREN group below.

Are you looking to develop long last relationships both personally and professionally in 2018? You might want to join PREN 1, which is a non-compete referral group. The PREN 1 group had over 200 referrals between our members in 2017. If you have any questions about the group, please feel free to reach out to Frank J. Ponticelli at 847-803-9911.

PREN2 provides a great opportunity to network for business leads and referrals while also getting support on a variety of business related topics. The primary goal is to help each non-competing member achieve greater business success. PREN2 members meet on the first Friday of every month except when holidays conflict with the schedule. For information about joining PREN2 contact Gerry Waller at 847-825-7761 or by email.

TOGETHER WE CAN HELP EACH OTHER CRUSH 2018! We would love to welcome you to PREN 3. PREN 3 is an amazing group of professionals from Park Ridge whose whole goal is to help each become more successful. Our group is extremely inclusive and genuinely cherish the opportunity to share ideas with each other, with the goal of helping one and other grow our businesses and improve our community. If getting involved and improving your business in 2018 is on your new year's resolution list, make joining PREN 3 a priority. If not now, when?? LET'S DO THIS TOGETHER. We meet the third Thursday of each month from 8:30 - 9:30 at 720 Garden Street. For more information please contact Steve Genyk at 773-875-9492 or by email.

PREN 4  
In a world where business and networking collide, one group will embark on a journey. Referrals will rise. Non-Chamber businesses will fall. PREN 4 is seeking new members. Join PREN 4 - known by many in the community as a non-stop, fun-fueled adventure. Are you ready to join the revolution and become a part of what some have described as the "ultimate" PREN group? Meetings take place on the third Friday of every month at Beer on the Wall at 8:30 a.m. Contact Steve Judge by email or at (847) 962-2833 for additional details.

Get in on the ground floor of this rising network group. In today's world, information is easily accessible, but people still need you to connect them with the service or product that is best for them personally. As you educate our other PREN 5 participants on your distinctive value, you'll learn about theirs as well. The more we know, the more value we can bring to those we come across resulting in, among other things, referrals. Let's grow our businesses together! Contact Dan Kaibel at (847) 370-5017 or by email. 

Expand you network, form friendships, and meaningful business connection today! Together we can help each other improve our businesses and increase our bottom line. Interested in joining PREN 6? Contact Diane Sitkiewicz at or 773.577.7315.


If you are interested in joining a PREN group or would like to start and additional PREN group, please contact the Chamber.



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